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Superfresh gives your skin a win

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SuperfreshEnergising Bath Bubbles
SuperfreshDaily Body Cream
SuperfreshDaily Body Cream Mini
SuperfreshTime Out Bath Bomb Ball
SuperfreshEnergising Whipped Shower Foam
SuperfreshEnergising Superwash
SuperfreshEnergising Superwash Mini
SuperfreshEasy Squeezy Bath Bomb Set
SuperfreshChill Pop Bath Sponge
SuperfreshEnergising Jelly Wash
Feels like winning
SuperfreshEnergising Clean Freak Foaming Hand Wash
SuperfreshEnergising Clean Freak Foaming Hand Wash Refill
SuperfreshSuperclean Hand Sanitiser
SuperfreshSuperclean Hand Sanitiser Mini
SuperfreshAllkinds Hand Sanitiser Holder (Fresh Fizz)
SuperfreshSuper Orange Bath Sponge
SuperfreshEnergising Bath Bubbles Mini
SuperfreshSuperfresh Gift Card


I’m a refreshing, purifying partner that helps gently cleanse skin.

Matcha Extract

I help soothe skin, calm irritation, and reduce redness & inflammation. I’m an antioxidant-filled, skin-soothing powerhouse.

SuperfreshGame On Body Scrub
SuperfreshIced Lemonade Lip Saver
SuperfreshHair Elastics Tub - Set of 40
SuperfreshFresh Juice Lip Glow
SuperfreshOuch Ice Pack


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Stick-On Patch (Allkinds Superstar)
Large Allkinds Bag
Stick-On Patch Pack (Game On)
Medium Allkinds Bag
Small Allkinds Bag