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No matter the day, no matter the mood, it’s gonna be a good day with Mood Makers — a new collection from Allkinds. We’ve got essential oil blends to help you sleep tight, stay calm, feel happy, or get focused — and a lockable journal, crystals, mindfulness cards and more to help embrace and express any mood that pops up.

Totally Vegan
No gross stuff
No gross
Naturally fragranced
Not tested on animals
Not tested
on animals
Sensitive skin options
skin options
Made for
all kinds

Daily Essentials

Fun staples for getting ready, keeping cool, and staying fresh.

Mood Makers

Real FocusedReal Focused Make Your Mood Set
No WorriesNo Worries Make Your Mood Set
Just HappyJust Happy Make Your Mood Set
Amethyst Crystal Cluster
5 Tumbled Stones Crystal Set
Clear Quartz Crystal
My Thoughts & Stuff Lockable Diary
Mindfulness Cards
Big Dreams Fortune Telling Ball
Silky Eye Mask
Electronic Head Massager
Silky Eye Pillow

It's time to create your own personal mini mood universe with alllll the feels.

Space to play and discover

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